Since 1940,
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A History started in the heart of Romagna, spreading passion and solutions for the cycling world since 3 generations.


BRN Bike Parts,
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The history of BRN begins in Forlimpopoli, in the heart of Romagna, in the early 1940s. A small bicycle repair shop, which over time has continued to grow and evolve, thanks to the skilful and careful entrepreneurial vision of Guglielmo Bernardi first, then of his son Natalino and today of his sons Marco and Gianluca Bernardi, grandsons of the founder .

What we are.

A company that has always had innovation, research and development as its cornerstones, as well as the ability to innovate and adapt to the needs of the market and its customers, with the aim of being an excellence in the world of spare parts and of bicycle accessories.

Today Marco and Gianluca Bernardi, grandsons of the founder, lead a dynamic and expert, solid and organized reality, which over the years has been able to create an international network of partnerships, in continuous expansion, with the most important and famous brands in the world of cycling.

A company always looking for novelties, products with original and unique design and characteristics, innovative and trendy, which have been presented every year in the Official Catalog since 1998, representing a real guide for insiders: beyond 10,000 items, divided between accessories and components for the bicycle, new and exclusive.

An integral part of the BRN project are our collaborators and the precious network of Agents distributed in all the Regions of Italy, which is able to satisfy the needs of over 3,000 stores in Italy and in Europe.

Our Mission.

From the first day the BRN adventure began, our goal has always been one and only one: to give answers to all the questions that have to do with the bike. Anyone who rides knows that there are many things that can go wrong when you get on the saddle, from simple punctures to transmission problems, up to more complex problems related to the evolution of the bicycle as a means.

Today as in the past, our mission is to offer cycling workshops and shops the tools to follow the requests of those who ride with the aim of satisfying their needs.


To do this, you need great expertise in the cycling world, which for us has no limits whatsoever. Inside the BRN Catalog you will find components and spare parts of all ‘kinds’, from those for the city bike with which you can go to get the newspaper or do the shopping, to those for the racing bike with which you can train in view of the next granfondo, up to the MTB with which to explore the most adventurous and dusty single tracks.


Products made with passion and obsessive attention to detail. An approach that is the result of a Research & Development process that involves the whole company, from planning, to prototyping, to design, to the purchase of materials, up to sales and after-sales.

Fast delivery, satisfied partners.


A skill that would be of little use without what has always distinguished us: reaction times.


Solving the problems of those who ride a bike means bringing the spare part to the BRN sales network shops in the shortest possible time, which can put the customer back on the saddle who has just entered the shop with a broken bike. It means bringing the right accessory to the shop to pedal with improved, increased and guaranteed comfort. In the shortest possible time.

BRN is famous for its delivery times, at the top of the sector, which guarantee deliveries throughout Italy within 24 hours and 48 hours on the islands.

The power of our Numbers

Fastest delivery times, what our customers recognize us.

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